Property management

How wonderful to be back in your holiday home on the Cote d’Azur! The Mediterranean coast, the beautiful landscapes and the French way of life.

But it takes time and energy to take care of a holiday home. And that’s even more complicated when you live far away and don’t speak French

How can you take care of your holiday home all year round? How can you find a good cleaning company? How can you make yourself understood? How can you tell whether the letters you receive are important or not?

Make your life easy by letting Scandinav’Azur manage your house.
We will take the strain for you, and offer a service adapted to you and your specific needs :

Regular house inspections during your absence

Scandinav’Azur can keep an eye on your house : we check your house from the outside or inside as often as you wish. We verify doors, shutters and windows, check for leaks and can give the house an airing, empty the letterbox and answer or forward your mail with or without translation. Let’s make a list of everything you need so we can take care of your house the way you would have done it yourself.

Preparation of the house before your arrival

Scandinav’Azur can ensure that your house is ready for your arrival so you can have a relaxed holiday from the very first day: we can find the right company to ensure that your house is clean and operational, just as you left it! Cleaning, bed-making, setting up garden furniture, pool opening or maintenance; switching on of water, electricity or heating.

Help finding cleaners, gardeners, etc.

Scandinav’Azur can help you find the right company and ensure that your wishes will be understood and precisely executed.

Help and linguistic assistance during renovation projects

Scandinav’Azur can help you by facilitating communication with local craftsmen or companies. We can help you to find the right company, introduce you, help you understand them and their various documents (estimates, invoices etc) and we can keep you informed throughout the many different phases of your project.

After departure, closing and cleaning

Scandinav’Azur can close your house so you can relax, even on the final day of your holiday. Post-departure cleaning, laundry; shutting off of electricity, heating, air conditioning etc

French courses with Scandinav’Azur

Don’t you feel comfortable in French? Does it prevent you from feeling fully at home on the Cote d’Azur? Would you love to be able to chat with your neighbour, make yourself understood in shops or book an outing or a table in a restaurant?
Scandinav’Azur can help you make life easier when you are on holiday.

With oral French language lessons focused on typical everyday situations you’ll be able to improve your French rapidly regardless of your initial level. Language learning through active, targeted teaching has been proven to be efficient. There is no better way to learn a language than through the use of common everyday situations. With Scandinav’Azur you’ll soon be able to communicate without help. You’ll feel more at ease speaking French, and more at home in France.

I speak French, English and Danish (my mother tongue) fluently. I have a solid background in language teaching – specifically I worked as a language instructor for Berlitz Language Schools for 8 years, during which I taught French, English and the Berlitz method to other teachers.

Why not give it a go? French may be easier than you think !